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Unearthed: 122.52 Carat Blue Diamond from Cullinan Mine

In what experts are saying to be one of the most significant finds in recent history, a 122.52 carat rough blue diamond has been unearthed at the Cullinan mine in South Africa.

Not only is it very rare to find a blue diamond, but also rough diamonds over 100 carats are extremely significant finds. This diamond at 122.52 carats is about the size of a walnut and holds a beautiful blue hue even in its rough form.

As a product of the Cullinan mine, a site that has produced very large rough as well as finished diamonds, and due to their tendency to be very clean and very pure diamonds, they do not pose a great chance of cleaving or fracturing in the cutting process.

Due to the purity of Cullinan diamonds, it is assumed that this diamond will produce a very large polished stone, and quite possibly may end up as the largest polished blue diamond known to exist.

The diamond is set to be further analyzed to assess the color and clarity grade of the stone, and will be sold later this year for most likely another high record price.

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