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Online reviews from previous clients.

Very positive experience from start to finish. Easy and pleasant process, would definitely recommend.
— Karen S., Client - Google Review
I love these guys! Professional, Polished & Personable! Don’t waste your time going all over town for better offers like I did. These two blue-eyed brothers are the BEST!
— Helen A., Client - Google Review
Meridian Diamond is hands down the best place to buy (and sell) a diamond. I was doing both, which can be an overwhelming process. While I did not have the pleasure of dealing with Jonathan, working with Scott was the most seamless and thorough experience I could have wished for.

From the first time I talked with Scott on the phone until the present, which is after the sale, he has been a true professional. He is knowledgeable, straight-forward and upfront, punctual, and great at communicating everything in easy to understand terms (even if you don’t need that).

I had a ring to sell, and wanted to buy an even better one. Scott explained exactly how the selling and buying process worked, and then we set up a time for him to show me a variety of diamonds that could be what I was looking for. The choices were excellent, and I happily chose a diamond that was bigger, clearer and more brilliant than I could have imagined, all at a price lower than many other stones of inferior size and quality. We then worked TOGETHER to modify a mounting to fit the stone and create what my now fiancée calls, “The most perfect and beautiful ring she has ever seen.”

Scott is great, and if you want to feel completely comfortable with the diamond buying or selling process, and find what your significant other will undeniably describe as the most perfect piece they have ever seen, choose Meridian Diamond.

Thanks guys!!
— Aaron S., Client - Google Review
I had the pleasure of working with Scott, who was very knowledgeable, friendly and polite. I was offered a very fair price for my jewelry and the whole process was easy and quick. Thank you guys for the personable and honest experience!
— Alyson W., Client - Google Review
My wife and I owned a diamond ring that we decided to sell.

After shopping around with 6 of the most prominent Diamond and Jewelry buying stores in the Tampa Bay area, we found the Terry brothers at “Meridian Diamonds” to be of the highest integrity and most sincere in explaining how the diamond buying process works.

Jonathan and Scott were both extremely pleasant and explained everything about our diamond in layperson terms.

Also, their fair and reasonable offer to buy our diamond was most attractive and once our price was agreed upon, we were paid on the spot.

My wife and I would highly recommend using Jonathan and Scott at “Meridian Diamonds” for selling or purchasing diamonds, jewelry and watches.

Thank you Jonathan and Scott…”Meridian Diamonds” is the BEST!
— Bruce H., Client - Google Review
I had a GIA diamond of 2+ carats that I wanted to sell. The Terry brothers offered me a very reasonable price — more than Old Northeast Jewelers — and we finalized the sale the very same day. They are pleasant, friendly and respectful. Highly recommend!
— Julia L., Client – Google Review
Finding these guys was such a relief... I had an old engagement ring that I had sitting around for years that I wanted to sell. I spent so much time and energy trying to go to every diamond buyer in Tampa to find someone to give me a fair and honest price. I finally found these guys, two brothers and so polite, they both explained what no one else would for me, took their time and showed me the whole process of what they planned to do with my diamond, and offered me a great price right off the bat. I will be recommending them to all of my friends that ever need to sell anything or are looking to buy something in the future! Cheers guys and thanks again!
— Heather E., Client – Google Review
John and Scott were great to work with. They were very knowledgeable and informative about the diamond that i had to sell and gave me a very fair amount after shopping it around to many places here locally in Phoenix before sending it to them. I will definitely work with them in the future and would recommend anyone else to do so. Thanks Again!
— Patrick S., Client – Google Review
Anybody looking to buy fine jewelry or watches, then look no further. These guys are the BEST! My experience with them was absolutely the smoothest ever! Scott was knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. I will ALWAYS go to these guys when I’m ready to buy my jewelry or watches. Hands down they are the BEST in Tampa!!!
— Matt F., Client – Google Review
Without a doubt the best and most knowledgable diamond brokers and buyers I have had the pleasure of dealing with. There is no place in the area which will compare to the compassion that Mr Scott and Jonathan had and the care in which they handled the proceedings of my estate. They have purchased well into 6 figures with me and are the absolute best option for payment. I highly suggest you meet with them, because it can save you time and money, but also you will be educated on the entire process.
— Guarav V., Client – Google Review
Such a fantastic experience working with Scott to get exactly what I was looking for!I had a very specific watch in mind for a wedding gift for my husband and Scott was able to find it for me and at the very best price! This was the fastest, easiest buying experience and at the lowest price— can’t ask for more than that! Thank you Meridian Diamond Buyers!
— Jennifer B., Client – Google Review
Great experience! Very professional and they took the time to show me the value of my diamond. I felt comfortable that I was getting a fair price and it was a very friendly and non aggressive/persuasive environment.
Great working with Scott!
— Keysha D., Client - Google Review
Absolutely the best buying experience possible. Jonathan and Scott are the owners of this business and they will change the way you buy diamonds. It is the ONE ON ONE on one personal attention that you recieve that makes this the best place to make your next diamond or gemstone purchase. No show room, no commission sales person, no hype, no pressure. All you have to do is describe what you are looking for, and they have a large inventory of diamonds to show you - one customer at a time. They will compare and constrast several stones for you to consider, and provide you information in a friendly relaxed setting.

My wife and I made an appointment and met with them and were shown several diamonds that could fit the bill for our 20th wedding anniversary. Jonathan and Scott Terry are third generation diamond brokers and helped us make a great purchase at a great price. We actually had to meet with them on two seperate occassions before we made our decision, and that was perfectly acceptable with them. They truly want for you to be able to buy your diamond with no buyers remorse, and for you understand exactly what you have purchased.

Do yourself a favor, make an appointment and experience the way that diamonds should be purchased. We are looking forward to seeing them again.
— Roger C., Client - Google Review
I am newly engaged and I was looking for a jeweler to recreate a ring design I had seen on YouTube. I had already received quotes from several well known Tampa Bay Jewelers when I came across Meridian Diamond with a five star rating. I decided to give them a call to inquire if they even do ring design as they appeared to be primarily diamond buyers. I spoke with Jonathan (one of the two brothers that own the company) and he assured me that they do ring design, so I made an appointment. I met with both Jonathan and Scott and I provided them pictures and detailed specifications of what I was looking for, by this time I was an expert and knew exactly what I wanted because I had previously met with the other jewelers. Astonishingly, their price came in almost 40% lower than the other “wholesale” jewelers that had provided me quotes. I was very skeptical at first, I am a believer in you get what you pay for, but I really liked dealing with Jonathan and Scott, I could tell they knew the business and the write-ups from other reviewers made me feel more comfortable. I am so thrilled that I chose them. They were very professional and took care of everything from the computer design to the finished piece. They were very meticulous and ensured it was done right. Scott, the one handling the design process, kept me informed every step of the way. The ring turned out beautiful, exactly what it looked like on YouTube. The appraiser was very impressed with the design and quality of the stones used in the ring. They will absolutely be my go to jeweler from now on. They are truly great people to work with and if you want a top quality piece at truly wholesale prices don’t hesitate to call them.
— Deborah S., Client - Google Review
Scott and John are clearly the Industry leaders in diamonds !
I have been a close associate of theirs for years.
Simply the best !
— Daniel M., Client - Google Review
My husband and I had an unused estate ring we wanted to sell. We shopped several prominent Jewelry Buyers in Tampa and happened upon Meridian Diamond Buyers. Being midwestern people relocated to Tampa, we were very skeptical. After talking with Jonathan and Scott, being third generation gemologists, we felt this company was fair in their evaluation. We were paid immediately. Spending the time with the Terry’s,
I was impressed with their knowledge and being forthright with my husband and myself.
We certainly recommend “Meridian Diamonds” and will certainly come back when we
want to purchase a diamond!! My best to your company.
— Cindy T., Client - Google Review
I decided to finally get rid of an old engagement ring that had been sitting around forever. I submitted a request for an appraisal online and was called back that day. I was able to get an appointment the next day. Scott Terry was very professional and pleasant to work with. I feel that I got a reasonable offer on my diamond. We finalized the sale and exchanged payment in less than an hour.
— Jill G., Client - Google Review