What is a Diamond Worth?

The most common factors that play into the value of a diamond are the "4 C's". These "C's" respectively stand for Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. 

While these variables do certainly play a large role in the value, current market trends and supply and demand factors can also have short term effects on the value of particular diamonds or the pieces of jewelry comprised of diamonds, precious metals and potentially other precious gemstones.

Our staff of graduate gemologists and market experts understand the slight variables that can mean large differences in value and look to each diamond or piece of jewelry for its maximum value, while informing the client of the unique characteristics of each of their jewelry items, and how they can effect values.

Upon submitting items to Meridian Diamond, whether via mail or in person, our expert team of graduate gemologists assess each diamond, watch and piece of jewelry, and provide a detailed explanation of the characteristics and features of each item. 

Our knowledgeable experts objectively examine all diamonds and jewelry for their unique characteristics,  and base their offers for immediate payment, on exactly what the item is. This is in comparison to other diamond buyers and jewelers, that will buy diamonds generally as lesser qualities than what they see, in order to ensure that they are making their purchase at well below market value.

At Meridian Diamond, we pride ourselves on everyone winning, and in order to win even more for our clients, we spend a great deal of time and efforts on reaching out to the international markets that are currently strongest for selling particular jewelry items. These markets have an above average demand for certain items, which is reflected through higher prices, thus allowing us to sell acquired diamonds, jewelry and watches for more, and in-turn allowing us to pay more.